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Click on the "Find my size" button, embedded in the product page.


Enter a very small amount of personal data (age, height, weight and body shape), and our algorithm accurately calculates your measurements. Obviously, users can also give their measurements if they know them.


The best size is then recommended in seconds, depending on the specific cut of the brand and the product.

Ce que vous apportait UPfit


- 20%

Large reduction in the rate of returns


Increase of your conversion rate

Reduction of customer service requests (calls, emails) for reasons of sizing

Improving the shopping experience

your customers will have confidence in purchasing items that suits them.
50% of buyers use Upfit before adding to cart!

Smart Data

Quality data usable to enrich customer knowledge, sales and marketing.


Nice help for a salesclerk using Upfit as an App on a tablet. Avoids the consumer to go to crowded fitting rooms during sales.

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Easy & Fast

No need to measure. Wherever you are (in the office, at home, on public transport ...),Upfit determines your size to purchase in less than 15 seconds! The setup only requires a few hours.


Upfit displays remarkable accuracy in the advice given: 95% of Upfit users order their right size without error.
Upfit is a guarantee to perfectly help your customers.


Widget customized as you wish. Automatically adapts to the user support:
PC - Tablet - Smartphone.

Dedicated team

We give great importance to all of our partners. To guarantee impeccable performance, Upfit offers you a dedicated team.

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